This level is recommended for athletes who are under the age of 13 or athletes who want to pursue the sport at a higher level or the very beginners of the sport. All athletes will start literally from the ground up!

Our progression system will help instill a the safety of learning proper mechanics, technique, body control (the fundamentals) and have some fun in the process (levels 0-7). We'll focus on coordination, physical preparedness, basic jumps, entries into the water, and simple (voluntary) dives.

Novice divers can choose to work out one to five times a week (2 days a week minimum recommended for best results) and each session runs for one quarter (roughly 3 months). Divers at this level will be encouraged to take part in local meets and travel meets. Upon completion of this program divers in the 11& Under and 12-13 age groups will have enough skills to compete at USA Diving National Qualifying events on 1 meter and 3 meter. Athletes who complete this program will be will allowed to move into our developmental group.

This program will follow a 12 week lesson plan geared towards working on all categories of dives. Novice practices are 90 minutes total and include 30 minutes of dryland work each day.

Practices Times
Monday:           5:30pm – 7:00pm
Tuesday:          5:30pm – 7:00pm   
Wednesday:    5:30pm – 7:00pm 
Thursday:        5:30pm – 7:00pm   
Sundays          9:30am - 11:00am   

Summer Practices Times 2018 
Monday:           12:30pm – 2:00pm  
Wednesday:    12:30pm – 2:00pm 
Thursday:        12:30pm – 2:00pm   
Sundays          11:30am - 1:00pm

Parking passes are $45 and a Bag Tag for entry to the building is $5

Days A Week      Cost Per Month           
1 $120.00  
 2  $216.00  
 3  $288.00  
 4 $312.00  
 5  $360.00  
Class Schedule for Novice

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
George Mason AFC 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM