Practice Policies

In order to help the MDA athletes reach the highest level of diving of their ability and to get the most of our practice time all athletes will be held to the highest standards of practice etiquette. Creating this environment will help ensure the best work environment  for the athletes and the coaching staff also helping  the Mason Dive Academy as a collective reach the highest levels of competition.

·         Athletes are required to bring Athletics Shoes, Shorts, and a water bottle to all practices.


·         Athletes are required to respectfully greet coaching staff upon arrival to practice and upon departure from practice must thank each member of the coaching staff for their assistance during practice whether or not they worked with said coach.



·         It is the responsibility of the athletes to help with set up and tear down of the any equipment used during the workout


·         Cell phones will remain in the athletes swim bags and are not to be used for any purpose throughout the course of practice. MDA coaching staff reserve the right to confiscate athletes phone for the duration of practice if they are being misused.


o   Athletes may inform parents of arrival to practice prior to warm up or dryland activities

o   If practice is dismissed early athletes may contact guardians for pick up


·         If there is to be music at practice it will be controlled and chosen by the coaching staff

·         Misuse of the Hot Tub or shower, such as avoiding behaviors, lack of participation, and distraction of social gathering. Will result in the hot water being removed from the group as a whole.  


·         Distracting teammates by talking to them when they are on the board or talking while on the diving board is forbidden


·         Telling a coach “NO” or “I can’t” about preforming a skill will result in immediate removal from practice. In return the coaching staff will act responsible when asking athletes to preform skills by not asking athletes to do skills they are not capable of.


·         If an athlete does not understand of hear a correction, they can ask for it to be repeated by asking “pardon” or “excuse me”… NEVER “What?” or “Huh?”, this will show respect to your coaches.  Athletes should ALWAYS feel free to walk directly to the coach and ask for further explanation of a correction.


·         There shall be no swimming across the diving well to approach a coach or for any other reason. Multiple violations will result in removal from practice.


·         Divers will be asked to quickly swim with their heads above water back to the wall after each dive to receive corrections. Or divers will not receive a correction.


·         No GUM Chewing, food, or glass containers on the pool deck


·         Standing on the board and wasting time, hiding in the background to avoid preforming  a skill is unacceptable behavior will result in removal from practice and possibly the current training group


·         Athletes are not allowed on trampoline, Dryboard, or crash mats unless accompanied by a member of the MDA coaching staff.


·         All athletes are required to do the workouts as they are written with their FULL ATTENTION and EFFORT, unless otherwise specified by the coaching staff


·         Any bullying or cyber bullying reported to the to the coaching staff with documented prof will result in immediate remove from the program


The MDA coaching staff reserves the right to dismiss any athlete from practice due to poor work ethic, bad attitude, showing disrespect to coaching staff or teammates, distracting other athletes during practice, or any other actions deemed unacceptable. Multiple infractions will result in immediate dismissal from the program with no refund

If an athlete is dismissed from practice for any reason, they will be asked to wait off of the pool deck as not to distract the athletes who have remained on task. Unless otherwise noted athletes will be allowed to return for their next scheduled practice. There will be no refund or make up for athletes who have removed from a workout.