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Coaching philosophies are an ever evolving process for a coach focused on self-improvement. Please allow our coaching staff to grow as we develop to become better coaches for your athletes and ourselves.

Coach Zach’s Coaching Philosophy


Short term objective- To teach athlete’s proper diving mechanics in a fun, positive, and safe environment

Long term objective- To give the athletes the skills they need to have a bright future both on and off of the pool deck


The major focus of my coaching philosophy revolves around divers building a strong fundamental base. This plays a vital role for two reasons, the first reason is that a strong fundamentals are important is that it helps a diver remain safe while progressing through the sport of diving both from chronic injuries, and acute. Secondly, no matter what the diver’s goals are at this point in their diving career whether it be to improve for summer league/ high school diving or to become a champion. It is important to develop a fundamental base not only to keep the athletes safe, but it will also be important if the athletes long term goals change at some point in their career to compete at the J.O. level and/or one day at the college level.  By building a strong fundamental base there will be less frustration for both the athlete and coach, when building to a higher level of competition.


Although much of my job is working with the athletes is done on the pool deck, I also feel it is important to develop traits that will carry on outside of the pool as well. I feel by helping athletes learn how to be self-motivated, develop a strong work ethic, being supportive of their peers, dealing with adversity, goal setting, overcoming fears, and maintaining a positive outlook. We will then as a group create an environment for all of the Mason Dive Academy athletes to thrive in. That being said as a coach I have one thing to offer athletes, and that is my time and attention. So I am opposed to giving my attention to those who misbehave by correcting them. I feel it is better for me personally and mentally as well as the Mason Dive Academy as a whole to focus my attention to those who are displaying characteristics that are desirable in an athlete/ well rounded person.  In daily practice I am focused on the one correction that I am asking for at that given skill, because the parts in the long term, will lead to the whole package. My focus while coaching at a competition is not what went well or not so well “Hukuna Matata” during the previous dive but to concentrate on the next skill, overcoming adversity is a large part of learning how to compete.


For me a successful athlete is not the one who wins most frequently but the athlete who displays an exceptional work ethic, exceptional attitude, and the ability to work well/ have the ability to lead others on the team.